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NEWSTORE is a New Online E-Commerce Platform that launched on 20th May 2015 by NEWPAGES NETWORK SDN BHD, formerly known as NEW PAGES ADVERTISING and aimed to be the most Comprehensive Business Classified Network in Malaysia. To provide a better solution for local business to market their products and services on internet, we formed a new Company Website Specialist Department and together with our team of specialists, we further enhance our Online Advertising Package - Company Website + Newpages Business Portal.

Due to high demand on E-Commerce solutions in the market, we start a new development. NEWSTORE is a platform Exclusively for Newpages Clients to sell their products & services on a online marketplace. With years of internet marketing experience and leading edge SEO team, we are confidence that NEWSTORE will become The Most Effective Online Store & Online Shopping website for our clients.

It is our mission to deliver better products and solutions to our clients.

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