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V K Golf
V K Golf (764375-V)
V K Golf (764375-V)
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+603-26945992, +603-26916612

Region: Kuala Lumpur KL Malaysia

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Weight: 1.101kg

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  • Product Details
    What PRGR Say: 

    The secrets to the [high initial velocity] and the [large initial velocity area] are hidden within the head of the RS driver. It has a W crown and a new axial structure which allows for a wider face area. The Enbla face has perfect thickness and thinness where needed. When combined, these innovations provide greater resilience and a larger initial velocity area, raising the average distance with each drive. The RS driver takes you to a new frontier with its maximum resilience and initial velocity area.

    Features & Benefits:

    • W Crown Shape – The Uniquely shaped crown aids in weight reduction and increased ball speeds from the face. The saved weight is utilized for more forgiveness while the increased ball speeds lead to more distance.
    • Axial Structure – Forming part of the new Bacosy system the axial structure introduces loft adjustability to PRGR driver for the first time.
    • Ballistic Control System – Abbreviated to Bacosy this technology allows for loft adjustments from the Axial structure, but also allows CG changes to be made the the driver. The weight can be pushed forward and into the heel for increased ball speeds and a more draw enhancing flight. Alternatively it can be pulled back for a higher launching more forgiving flight pattern.

    Our Recommended Player Profile: 
    The RS is fitted with a mid-weight shaft and allows for a magnitude of flight bias set ups. As a result it can’t be limited to a single handicap bracket; it is however best suited to the mid-to-high swing speed player who would benefit most from the adjustability. 

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    Online Fund Transfer / Cash or Cheque Deposit / ATM

    Please make the payment within 3 days to:
    Swift Code : MBBEMYKL

    Kindly email us a copy of your bank in slip to:
    Fax to +603-26945992

    Shipping Option
    Shipping Charges
    • West Malaysia (RM150.00)
      West Malaysia: RM 150

    • East Malaysia (RM250.00)
      East Malaysia: RM 250

    Delivery of goods lead time is between 5 to 7 workdays with exception of holidays which are no accountable etc
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