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V K Golf
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V K Golf (764375-V)
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Titleist Vokey SM8 Steel Wedges


SKU: sm8wedge001

Weight: 1.001kg


220 cm210 cm200 cm

in stock
  • Product Details
    Vokey Design SM8 Wedges, with a brand new CG design which is set to make it the most accurate and forgiving model of the most popular wedge on the PGA Tour for the past 15 years.

    F Grind: The F grind is an all-purpose grind that is particularly suited for full shots and shots hit with a square face. Ideal for players who prefer a traditional wedge sole. The F grind is the most played sand wedge on Tour including Justin Thomas, Ian Poulter and Charlie Hoffman.

    M Grind: Vokey’s favorite, the M grind is designed for players that like to rotate the club face open and closed to manufacture shots around the green. Ideal for players with a shallower, more sweeping swing type who play shots from a variety of clubface positions. Played by Charles Howell III, Patrick Cantlay and Cam Smith.

    S Grind: The S Grind features a full sole that has been narrowed by a trailing edge grind, giving it a faster feel through the turf. The S Grind is best for neutral to firm conditions and for players that like to control loft with their hands ahead or behind the ball. Played by Jordan Spieth, Adam Scott and Lanto Griffin.

    D Grind: The D grind blends versatility from a heel, toe, and trailing edge grind and forgiveness with its high measured bounce. The D Grind is ideal for players with a steeper angle of attack who play shots from a variety of clubface positions.

    K Grind: The K Grind is the highest bounce wedge in the lineup, and is the ultimate bunker club. The K Grind is a wide, full sole wedge with enhanced camber to make it forgiving from a variety of sand and turf conditions. Played by Justin Thomas, Adam Scott and Webb Simpson.

    L Grind: The L Grind is the lowest bounce grind option in the mix. The heel, toe, and trailing edge relief allow for maximum greenside versatility. The L Grind is perfect for firm conditions and designed for precise players. It is ideal for players that have complete control of impact looking for maximum shot-making versatility. Played by Jordan Spieth, Jimmy Walker, and JT Poston.

    Titleist Vokey SM8 Wedge Loft, Bounce and Grind Chart

    Titleist Vokey SM8 WedgeSM8, the CG has been moved so far forward the it 'hovers in front of the wedge face' and which makes it much easier to square up the face. The result of this is better distance and flight control, improved feel and more stability.

    Titleist Vokey SM8 Wedge

    Reimagined Progressive CG

    This theory matches the centre of gravity with the impact position - lower on the face in the low lofts, higher on the face in the high lofts - which produces better trajectory and distance control. In the SM8, the CG is pushed right forward whilst retaining the correct vertical position for each loft, for a more consistent strike.

    Titleist Vokey SM8 Wedge

    To do this Titleist have lengthened the hosels, and counterbalanced that by adding in tungsten low in the toe. This moves the CG forward and up, improving MOI by up to 7%.

    Refined Sole Grind Options

    Titleist Vokey SM8 Wedge

    Vokey's six sole grinds, which have been developed over decades thanks to the input from tour players, allow golfers of all swing levels to find the wedge setup which fits their swing type, shot style and course conditions.

    100% Inspected Spin Milled Grooves

    Patented Spin Milled grooves are meticulously engineered and 'cut to the edge', maximising spin and shot control. Each groove on every head is individually cut and inspected to ensure conformity to the rules of golf.

    Titleist Vokey SM8 Wedge

    Micro-grooves are individually cut in between grooves, to maximise spin on pitch and chip shots. A new heat treatment is applied to the impact area to add durability without impact feel- something which Titleist says makes it the most durable groove in golf.

    Golfers can choose from four different finishes available in the new SM8. The new Tour Chrome features a softer chrome finish than the prior generation. The darker Brushed Steel is more textured and dynamic than the polished SM7, while maintaining a non-glare finish at address.

    Titleist Vokey SM8 Wedge

    The raw Jet Black is enhanced with black paint fill in the logos and graphics. Raw – the most popular option among tour players, in which no additional finish is applied to the 8620 carbon steel – is available through WedgeWorks on the Vokey website.

    Titleist Vokey SM8 Wedge

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