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V K Golf
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V K Golf (764375-V)
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Callaway JAWS MD5 Wedge - Platinum Chrome


Weight: 1.101kg


220 cm210 cm190 cm

in stock
  • Product Details
    The product of rigorous testing and Tour validation, Callaway JAWS MD5 Wedges set a new performance standard. Versatile bounce/sole grind combinations, including the new Low Bounce W-Grind, enable playability from the fairway, rough and sand. Proprietary JAWS groove design combines with Groove-In-Groove Technology to create incredible spin and unparalleled short game control. Loft-optimized weighting and a soft 8620 Carbon Steel construction enable uniquely satisfying feel.


    • JAWS MD5 Wedges are available in 5 grind options, each with generous camber from heel to toe for smooth turf interaction and soft feel
    • C-Grind: Increased relief, especially at the heel, making it easier to play shots with the face open. Ideal for medium to shallow attack angles and/or firm course conditions. (8° Bounce)
    • S-Grind: Medium-width sole with slight camber at the back and moderate heel relief to keep the leading edge low through impact, promoting solid contact on open-faced shots. (10° Bounce)
    • W-Grind: Sole is wider at the center and toe, and narrower at the heel, with moderate heel relief and generous front-to-back camber. That prevents digging without increasing bounce, and keeps the leading edge close to the turf at impact. Great for open-faced shots and more versatile than the previous W-Grind. (12° Bounce)
    • Low Bounce W-Grind:Direct result of Tour player feedback that delivers increased playability around the green while providing moderate heel relief and generous front-to-back camber. Great for playing a wider variety of greenside shots.
    • X-Grind: Features a narrow, high-bounce crescent sole with the low point near the front. Excellent for moderate to steep attack angles and medium-to-soft course conditions (12° Bounce)


    • Most vigorously tested and Tour-validated wedge Callaway has ever offered
    • Tour refined shapes, sole grinds and camber make it easier to create clean contact on tight lies for greater control
    • 4 weight ports and milled aluminum medallions enables positioning of the CG progressively upward as loft increases for solid feel on every shot
    • Club head constructed of soft 8620 Carbon Steel to equip golfers with a uniquely satisfying feel


    • New JAWS groove design creates groove-edge sharpness for maximum grip and spin control
    • Proprietary Groove-In-Groove Technology is saw-cut and horizontally milled to precise tolerances for spin
    • Lower-lofted wedges (52° and below) feature a 20D groove for more consistent spin on fuller shots
    • Higher-lofted wedges (54° and up) feature an aggressive 5D groove for maximum control out of the rough and around green
    • Each 16-groove configuration features Callaway’s extra “Nip It” groove near the leading edge for added spin control
    • Micro-Positive Surface Roughness milled into the flat parts of the face enable increased spin on a variety of shots
    • 3 raised micro ridges extend the length of the hitting area to grab golf ball’s cover and deliver Tour-level spin control
    • Combination of grooves + micro grooves provides 84 contact points for the face to grab the ball’s cover


    • Developed by Roger Cleveland and Callaway R&D, with heavy influence by Tour-pro input
    • Total performance wedge with premium shape, striking finish, outstanding feel, unique versatility and exceptional spin
    • Shaft: True Temper Tour Issue 115 Steel Shaft/Project Catalyst 80 Graphite Shaft
    • Grip: Lamkin UTX Blue/Black Grip
    • Brand : Callaway
    • DSG Pro Tips


    Model Loft Lie Length Bounce/Grind Groove Type Swing Weight
    46° 46° 64° 35.75'' 10° (S) 20D D3 (STL) | D2 (GRH)
    48° 48° 64° 35.75'' 10° (S) 20D D3 (STL) | D2 (GRH)
    50° 50° 64° 35.50'' 10° (S) | 12° (W) 20D D3 (STL) | D2 (GRH)
    52° 52° 64° 35.50'' 10° (S) | 12° (W) 20D D3 (STL) | D2 (GRH)
    54° 54° 64° 35.25'' 8° (C) | 10° (S) | 12° (W) 37D D4 (STL) | D3 (GRH)
    56° 56° 64° 35.25'' 8° (C) | 10° (S) | 12° (W) 37D D4 (STL) | D3 (GRH)
    58° 58° 64° 35.00'' 8° (C, W) | 10° (S) | 12° (W, X) 37D D4 (STL) | D3 (GRH)
    60° 60° 64° 35.00'' 8° (C, W) | 10° (S) | 12° (W, X) 37D D4 (STL) | D3 (GRH)
    64° 64° 64° 35.00'' 10° (S) 37D D4 (STL) | D3 (GRH)

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