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AST Automation Pte Ltd
AST Automation Pte Ltd (201537210-M)
AST Automation Pte Ltd (201537210-M)
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+65-88587799 (Hotline)

Region: Singapore, Malaysia, Johor, Selangor, Senai

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  • Product Details
    Features 特点:
    - Link up to 4 keypads 支援4个密码键盘
    - 9 Programmable zones 9个可编程分区
    - Multiple user PINs 多个开关密码
    - Duress code 求救密码
    - Built-in real time clock 内置时钟
    - Quick function key 快速功能键
    - Key switch function 锁匙开关
    - Low battery indication 后备电池监测
    - AC Supply Monitoring 电源监测
    - Telephony cut monitoring 电话线监测
    - CMS Contact ID reporting ready 中央监视系统识别码
    - 2 intelligent zones to minimise false alarm 2个智慧型分区以减少失误警报
    - Remote arm/disarm via telephone set 远端电话遥控开关
    - Remote control (Optional) 无线遥控开关 (配件) * RM 250.00
    - Arm/disarm for 2 partitions 2个主区
    - 8 Points Home Automation (optional) 家居自动化(配件) * RM 600.00
    - Lightning Protection 防雷功能
    - Zone sensitivity adjustable 可调节分区敏锐度
    - LED memory function to show activated zone 活跃分区显示灯
    - Checking on/off status of control items via phone or keypad 电话或密码键盘查询系统开关状况
    - Event Triggered output control (Home Automation module installed)
    - Voice feedback via telephone or GSM - status for zones, power, arm, battery, siren, lights, air-cond, 语音通报
    SMS feedback (GSM Module installed) 简讯通报(已装置无线通讯模组) * RM 1,500.00
    - Auto Arm/disarm timer 按时自动开关

     Specification 规格 :
    - P900V Control Panel (Voice Module) 主电板 x1
    - Resistor 2.2K Ω 电阻 x9
    - Key Pad (P900V) 密码键盘 x1
    - 12V DC 7 A/H Backup Battery 后备电池 x1
    - Control Panel Metal Box 主电板铁箱 x1
    - Transformer 变压器 x1
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  • Payment Methods

    Online Fund Transfer / Cash or Cheque Deposit / ATM

    Payment Options:
    • Online E-Banking fund transfer
    • Cash/Cheque deposit at bank branches
    • Cash deposit terminal
    • Cheque deposit machine
    • ATM
    Please bank in the purchased amount into the bank account listed below within 3 days:

    Public Bank – 3157799323 All Security Technology Sdn. Bhd.


     AST Automation Pte Ltd ( for sg customer )
      OCBC – 695092049001

    After payment made, you MUST send us the copy of payment slip by
    1. Fax to +607-5909917 , or
    2. Email to or
    3. Go to then click the update payment button to update your payment information to us. For guest can go to

    Please stated,
    Order No.:
    Account No.:
    Transaction Date:
    Transaction Amount:

    Please allow 2 extra working days for order processing if your payment method is Bank Cheque or Interbank Fund Transfer. The Order will be cancelled without any notice if the payment process not completed within 7 working days.
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