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3MPrimer 94


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  • Product Details

    3M Tape Primer 94, Light Yellow, 1/2 Pint Can(236ml,5ml)

    -Promotes adhesion to polyethylene, polypropylene, ABS, PET/PBT blends and other on
     difficult to stick to substrates
    -Commonly used for increasing adhesion of film and vinyl graphics in automotive detailing
    -Can be applied with brush or swab for small areas and a pressurized flow gun for larger areas
    -Dries to a clear finish
    -Cleans up with isopropyl alcohol

    3M Tape Primer 94 can be used to improve the overall adhesion of tape,film and vinyl graphics to polyethylene,
    polypropylene, ABS, PET/PBT blends, concrete, wood, glass, metal and painted metal surfaces.

    Dries in Minutes for Efficient Use
    Make sure your surface is clean and dry before applying a thin, uniform coat of 3M Tape Primer 94.
    The primed surface must remain free from contaminants prior to applying the tape.
    It's important to use the minimum amount of product necessary as over applying can cause sub-optimal results.
    Allow the primer to dry completely, which is usually accomplished in 5 minutes at room temperature,
    before applying tape. 
    Special note: porous surfaces may require 2 applications for uniform coverage and good adhesion.
    Allow your first application of primer to dry before applying a second coat.

    Recommended Applications

    • Promote adhesion of 3M VHB Tape
    • For use on many plastic, rubber, painted and bare metal substrates

    Application Tips
    3M Tape Primer 94 may be applied with a brush, swab, pressurized flow gun,
    knurled roller or similar type of equipment and can be removed with isopropyl alcohol.
    Vigorous scrubbing may be required.


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      Delivery Duration : 5-7 days

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