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Ritz Medical Sdn Bhd
Ritz Medical Sdn Bhd (371429-A)
Ritz Medical Sdn Bhd (371429-A)

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Region: Petaling Jaya, PJ, Selangor, Malaysia

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DC Ultrasonic & UV (UP-32A)


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  • Product Details
    Ultrasonic & UV (UP-321)


    Microscopic Cleaning



    Auto Shut Off Function

    Light Weight

    Maintance Free

    Green Renewable Energy, 0% Pollution

    Nano-Silver Technology

    The Right Choice For You


    Beginning to end


    There are many vibration cleaning devices that claim that their vibration cleaners are sonic and ultra-sonic and will deep clean things such as jewelry, mouth guards and dentures but can’t live up to what they claim. This is due to lack of quality materials, poor workmanship and in some cases falsified reports.


    We at Digimax have a proven track record that our 3 leading brands of denture cleaners work for different occasions. This gives you the option of choosing the one that best suits you. We make all of our denture cleaners from Taiwan, in order to keep the quality, workmanship and reports up to standard. We also get our denture cleaners to be FDA approved so you have the security that the product is safe for you to use and works as it is suppose too.


    Caring For Your Loved Ones


    From anywhere in the world


    The biggest investment for anyone is you and your family, therefore taking care of this investment should be of upmost importance. The denture cleaner’s is a safe device to use that is of high quality and has been tried and tested for its effectiveness. We understand that this device has to clean some of the have the most bacteria’s in the human body (the mouth) therefore we take special care of how we have engineered our denture products to ensure there are no harmful chemicals contaminates your things while cleaning.


    With an impressive 9 out of 10 satisfied customers and with our impressive hearing aids we are driven to live up to your expectation. With years of positive feedback and support from our customers we are constantly grateful especially news of how our product have change and improved their lives for the better.


    Stunning Design


    Powerful yet stylish


    When designing the denture cleaners we believed that usability, quality and mobilization is our main priority. To achieve this we had to consider every element that went into our denture cleaners. We realized that mobility was a key aspect in designing the denture cleaner, as most sports men tour often for matches all over the country and world.


    The unisex design makes it very appealing for both males and females to use without discrimination. Its designs are small and durable for easy packing and long life time use. We have designed 3 different types of denture cleaners, each with their own unique use and function.


    New Innovative Technology


    Recharging your life


    We specialize in combining 3 different types of elements to clean dentures, jewelry and toothbrushes without the use of additional chemicals. The combination of the 3 elements sonic / ultrasonic vibrations, ultraviolet light rays and nano-silver bacteriostasis will effectively remove stains, bacteria and odor by only adding water.


    With many years of experience in the sonic and ultra-sonic vibration industry of denture cleaning, we have reached the pinnacle of the vibration and ultraviolet in denture cleaning.


    The advance mechanics that are used in the denture cleaners are state of the art, this enables us to keep our denture cleaners small and light for easy mobility and saves on material cost which in turn becomes a lower selling price.


    Saving what is left


    Mother Nature is listening too


    Using our denture cleaners you save our planet by not dumping harmful chemicals that you otherwise use to clean your dentures. By only using water and our advance combined technologies you can leave less pollution stress on our planet.

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