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La Herballe
La Herballe (802018X)

Facial DIY~like a Pro-kit


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  • Product Details
    Set Facial DIY-Like a PRO kit: Patented Green tea ingredients Japan.. high antioxidants that neutralize free radicals and helps in skin healing, anti aging & brighthening Apple peel.. high in vit A, E & C that neutralize skin damages including sunburn Complete facial kit.. where you can do your facial at your own preferred time & place.. will be able to do your facial as & when necessary ... no more worries on waiting or missed appointment with your therapist or doctor ...this set works as your first aid kit for your skin especially after outside activities as you can avoid the damages resulting from sun exposure etc Green tea study proves that its Anti-oxidant property is key to its skin-protective qualities. Study reveals that of all the ANTI-OXIDANTS known to mankind, the components of green tea are the MOST POTENT. This anti-oxidants are those agents which counter-act the effect of free radicals (which cause damages to cells & tissues). Anti-oxidants bind to free radicals and deactivate them , neutralizing, healing and preventing damage to skin. ... With LH Facial DIY-like a PRO kit, you will never have a dull skin again. You can now stop worrying of your pimple or acne/scar skin or pigmentation-prone skin . Glowing, glass-like shining skin will be yours and accessible at your convenient time and place , at a fraction of cost you are spending for your skin therapist/doctor services. (if you need successful solution to your skin problem, we advise you to take this set to get best results..) If you are having sensitive skin , dull skin, acne-prone or pigmentation prone skin, then this OFFER is for you. We are offering you a chance to fulfill your wildest dream ( as successfully done the same to our thousands and thousands of clients ) of GLOWING, GLASS-like shining skin at a fraction of what you have been spending to your skin specialist/dermatologist or therapist , guided by our 30 + yrs experience SKINCARE specialist. ! 

    Facial DIY -like a PRO kit, '' towards successful achievement of your healthiest skin ever at a fraction of usual facial service fee at salons/climic you have been going. REMEMBER, if you have been patronizing your salon/spa/clinic for at least 3-4 weeks or more and yet you dont see any positive improvement at all, then THIS OFFER is for you !! OBSERVE in 14 days how your skin will improve to start clearing impurities and give GLOW , brightness and firmness to your skin!! Continued usage ALL THE WAY to your dream GLOWING healthiest skin ever ! Extra, EXTRA.. Set Facial DIY-like a PRO kit will have additional items for a limited quantity only which consists of the following.. * '++ Spot Corrector (Np: Rm248) * ++Whitening/Anti-aging mask ( Np: Rm100 for 2 pcs) *(Terms & conditions apply) Grand Total value of Rm1,016 including *++ items

    Set includes: 
    ~ Cleansing Milk (Np: Rm88) ~ Face/body Wash (Np: Rm78) ~ Deluxe Scrub (Np: Rm88) ~ Hydrating Mask (Np: Rm100 for 3pcs) ~ Toner (Np: Rm68) ~ Whitening Serum (Np: Rm68) ~ Whitenimg Cream (Np: Rm60) ~ Sunblock (Np: Rm68) ACCESSORIES: Toiletry bag, Towel, Bowl, Brush value at Rm 50 (TOTAL VALUE Rm668 np)
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