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Glory Wellness Beauty Sanctuary
Glory Wellness Beauty Sanctuary (NS0169885-M)
Glory Wellness Beauty Sanctuary (NS0169885-M)
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Region: Selangor, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Petaling Jaya (PJ)

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Absolute Hydra Marine Concentrate (VT13032)


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  • Product Details
    Absolute Hydra Marine Concentrate (1.2ML X 7)

    Thalgo Absolute Hydra-Marine Concentrate is an express treatment program (7 days) that refreshes, revitalizes and plumps. It is a true "shot’’ of moisture that delivers exceptional hydrating power in record time.

    Active ingredients:

    - Hydra-diffusine (exopolysaccharide) - stimulates the aquaporins to facilitate the diffusion of dermal water to the layers of the epidermis
    - Hyalurophyline (plant oligosaccharides extracts) - creates water reserves thanks to the synthesis of epidermal hyaluronic acid, a true natural sponge
    - Sève Bleue from the Oceans - drenches the epidermis in mineral-replenishing vital water, restores the barrier function of the epidermis
    - Lumisource (extract of Candida Saitoana) - boosts the natural detoxification process of the cells
    - Hyaluronic acid – supply of molecules capable of storing water immediately

    Ref. Number VT13032
    UPC 3525801645054
    Active Ingredients Hydra-diffusine, Hyalurophyline, Sève Bleue from the Oceans, Lumisource (extract of Candida Saitoana), Hyaluronic acid
    Directions Use Thalgo Absolute Hydra-Marine Concentrate as a one-week treatment. Apply morning and evening before the
    Hydra-Marine 24H Cream for your skin type.
    Product content weight 7 x .04 fl. oz.

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