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BNC Health Sdn Bhd
BNC Health Sdn Bhd (1010646 D)

HM- Organic Pineapple Vinegar 蜂神有機鳳梨醋 (388ml/btl)


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  • Product Details
    In a modern diet they are valued not only as preserves for the winter but also as all year round source of delicate flavor and as a complement to dishes. Since they are preserved with natural substances and low in calories, thus they are healthy natural food without additives. Pineapple is rich in minerals, vitamins and enzymes. Besides, it also contains fructose, glucose, protein and citric acid.


    Organic vinegar, pineapple, Organic honey


    •     Anti-inflammation
    •     Prevent constipation
    •     Promote better digestion
    •     Improve gastrointestinal peristalsis
    •     Cure sore throat
    •     Prevent stone formation
    •     Prevent infection of urinary bladder and tract

    Usage Instruction

    Pour into cup about 1:6 of iced or warm water and serve.

    Containing protein enzyme, decomposed protein, enhance digestion, improve flatulence, maintain beauty body shape, release sore throat, cough symptoms, enhance diuretic swelling, prevention of constipation, and kidney stones problem.
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