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BNC Health Sdn Bhd
BNC Health Sdn Bhd (1010646 D)

Pumpkin Vermicelli


Weight: 0.2kg

in stock
  • Product Details
    (老锅)南瓜米粉 200g -
    米含量50% -
    台湾制造 product of taiwan

    2。热油锅放入配料,如:葱段、虾米、肉丝、时令菜等等。炒香后, 加入酱油及调味料(适量)兴适量的水作为汤底。
    3. 将米粉放入汤底,用筷子拌炒, 即成又香又Q的炒米粉。

    1. 将米粉放入滚水约一分钟, 迅速捞起放置碗内。
    2.加入沙茶酱、肉酱、或调味品, 即成香Q 干拌米粉。

    米粉汤: 1.请将调味品、佐料作成大锅浓汤, 待汤滚开。
    2. 将米粉稍加冲洗后放入滚汤内, 约1-2 分钟,将火熄灭, 即成好吃吃香Q 米粉汤。

    PS:本产品属细条米粉, 如用开水滚烫后炒易成碎状

    Rice Noodles

    Recipes Fried Rice Noodles
    1. Rinse the noodles with cold water then place into a bowl and set aside.
    2. Heat up the pan with cooking oil, then add in and stir fry the ingredients (e.g Meats, seasonal vegetables, seafood, and etc...) with seasonings, stir until the ingredients are tender, added q.s. of water.
    3. Dump in the rice noodles; stir fry for a minutes or two, let the rice noodles soak up the juice until the rice noodle soften and serve.

    Rice Noodles Soup
    1. Put the ingredients in boiling water until it's half done.
    2. Dump in the rinsed rice noodles and seasonings till the noodles tender and serve.

    Tips: Don't over soak the noodle before cooking.

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