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Mizino Biocare Sdn Bhd
Mizino Biocare Sdn Bhd (777872-D)
Mizino Biocare Sdn Bhd (777872-D)
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+603-9082 7711

Region: Selangor, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Balakong

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Mizino Mix Enzyme


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  • Product Details

    RM120 / box

    全新来自日本 Mizino Mix Enzyme 富含最优等的混合果梅酵素和益生菌,有助于刺激肠道蠕动,将宿便、脂肪和毒素从肠道排出体外。


    • 有效改善与预防便秘
    • 清除宿便及毒素
    • 改善口臭和体臭
    • 强化肠胃功能
    • 降低有害胆固醇
    • 清血排毒
    • 纤体瘦身
    • 恢复肌肤嫩滑
    • 提高免疫力
    • 预防心脏病




    • 肥胖
    • 口臭
    • 心情烦操
    • 皮肤粗糙
    • 毛孔扩张
    • 生痘痘/痤疮
    • 腹胀腹痛
    • 子宫小垂
    • 记忆力下降
    • 注意力分散
    • 思维迟钝

    New from Japan Mizino Mix Enzyme be rich in mixed fruit plum enzyme and probiotics help stimulate intestinal peristalsis, the stool, fat and toxins excreted from the bowel.

    Product Features

    • Prevent constipation
    • Detoxifies the digestive system removing toxins and wastes
    • Improve bad breath and body odor
    • Improve digestive health
    • Reduce harmful cholesterol
    • Blood Purifying, Detox
    • Slimming
    • Restore skin smoother and silky
    • Boost your immune system
    • Preventing Heart Disease


    Take 1 sachet before bedtime. Suitable for male and female.

    主要成分 - Main Ingredient:

    Blueberry - 蓝莓

    Blueberries contain highly antioxidants agent; it is effectively against and prevent cardiovascular disease. Blueberries not only benefits for eye fatigue and vision care.  In additional it can protect the blood vessels; it is a healthy and delicious fruit.


    Chlorophyll - 叶绿素

    Chlorophyll is the best natural antidote, it can help body prevent infection. Chlorophyll can also improve body physical fitness, even can prevent physical illnesses, such as helps enhance the body's immune system; Even well known for anti-aging, anti-cancer, prevention of gene mutation and other functions, Chlorophyll is the guardian of human health.


    Probiotics - 益生菌

    Probiotics can eliminate free radicals, absorption of heavy metals and other toxins in intestinal, meanwhile it improves bowel movements, avoid toxins accumulate, effectively delay aging.


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