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San-Tronic Medical Devices Sdn Bhd
San-Tronic Medical Devices Sdn Bhd (775484-W)
San-Tronic Medical Devices Sdn Bhd (775484-W)
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1300-88-8810 (Careline), +603-7781 8810, +6011-5993 4207

Region: Selangor, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Petaling Jaya (PJ)

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4 Liter TAIWAN Automatic Ceramic Pot 台湾哑巴媳妇陶瓷煎药壶 4公升


SKU: HS-65 (A.2)

Weight: - kg

in stock
  • Product Details

    Since ancient times, Chinese herbs have been used by the Chinese for enchancing health and treating diseases. Men and women in their advanced age would inevitably need to take Chinese herbs for treatment of illnesses or health enhancement purposes and the responsibility to boil Chinese herbs fell naturally on the daughters-in-law. In the past,boiling such herbs required the use of charcoal or wood fire, a task that was time consuming and the herbs could easily get burnt if the daughters-in-law were not careful. Chinese medicines need to be taken on a long-term basis and the daughters-in-law would certainly complain about the tedious work of boiling the herbs. Now the 'silent daughters-in-law' has come to their aid because it can automatically boil the Chinese herbs and then keep warm. In this busy commercial society, its emergence is certainly a blessing to those who need to take Chinese medicines over a long period.

    Product Focus:

    • Medicine Kettle originates from Taiwan.
              - Ceramic-made kettle and stainless steel heater is the best way to cook chinese medicine herbs.
    • The healthiest medicine kettle in the market
              - Herbs will not get scorch or antioxidant
              - Easy to clean, most lasting

    - 陶瓷壶身加上不锈钢内胆,是煎煮药材的最佳拍档

    - 不烧焦, 不氧化,不脱落
    - 易清洗,最耐用

    Product using instruction :

    1. Stainless steel heater is easy to rest. 
      Only applicable to traditional Chinese medicine. Food. Medical special material. 
      Stable quality. High temperature resistance. Non-toxic.
      不锈钢加热器好放心 唯一适用中药.食品.医疗专用材质.品质稳定.耐高温.无毒。
    2. Automatic decocting a good helper Just plug in the power, 
      put the medicinal herbs and add the required amount of water, fully automatic for you to complete the decocting, 
      and continue to keep warm.
      自动煎药好帮手 只要插上电源,放入药材和加入所需水量,全自动为你完成煎药,并加以持续保温
    3. Constant temperature insulation is convenient. You can complete the decocting tonight. 
      After waking up the next day, you can eat it again. The automatic insulation will keep your liquid temperature at 60 °C. 
      You don't have to worry about the cooling of the liquid, which will affect the efficacy.
      恒温保温好方便 你可以今晚完成煎药,隔天睡醒后再食用,自动保温将你药液维持恒温60 度,不用担心药液冷却,影响药效。
    4. The spout can be cleaned and cleaned. The medicine pot is most afraid of cleaning troubles,
      can not clean the spout, and is easy to produce bacteria. 
      The boiling pot is specially designed to be easy to rinse the mouth and spout, easy to keep clean.
      壶嘴可洗保清洁 药壶最怕清洗麻烦,无法清洗干净壶嘴,容易孳生细菌,本煎药壶特别设计易冲洗之壶口,壶嘴,容易保持干净。
    Product detail :
    Material  : Ceramic Pot
    Weight : 2.46kg
    Capacity : 4 Liter / 4000 CC
    Rated voltage: 110 (V)
    Rated power: 400 (W)
    Made in Taiwan
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