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San-Tronic Medical Devices Sdn Bhd
San-Tronic Medical Devices Sdn Bhd (775484-W)
San-Tronic Medical Devices Sdn Bhd (775484-W)
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1300-88-8810 (Careline), +603-7781 8810, +6011-5993 4207

Region: Selangor, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Petaling Jaya (PJ)

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Hwato SDZ-2G Digital 6 Outputs Acupuncture Electric Nerve & Muscle Stimulator 华佗升级数码治疗仪



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  • Product Details

    Hwato SDZ-2G Upgrade Electronic Acupuncture Stimulator Machine 6 output channel Acupuncture Therapeutic Apparatus.
    SDZ - type 2G electronic needle therapy instrument is integrated with modern electronic technology and the traditional meridian theory, with percutaneous electrical stimulation, electric acupuncture treatment and acupuncture point, and so on.The equipment safe operation is simple, reliable curative effect sure, widely used in hospital and family self-care.

    华佗 SDZ-2G升级电子针灸刺激机6输出通道针灸治疗仪
    SDZ -2G电子针治疗仪结合现代电子技术和传统经络理论,经皮电刺激,电针治疗和穴位治疗等。设备安全操作简单,疗效可靠,广泛应用于医院和家庭自理

    Product synopsis: 
    1,Low through the eu CE certification and German TUV PS ISO9002, EN46002 quality system certification.
    2,When a variety of waveform, intuitive is strong. 
    3,Six Way output, automatic timing. 
    4,Low external regulated power supply, for a variety of purposes.
    1,低通过欧盟CE认证和德国TUV PS ISO9002,EN46002质量体系认证。
    Technical characteristics: 
    1, percutaneous electrical stimulation 
    2, electroacupuncture 
    3, frequency of ground hole (mainly for the points) : 1, the continuous wave: 1-100 hz, and 2 adjustable density wave of hydrophobic wave frequency is approximately a third of the dense wave frequency goes: output: 2 test point: all the way (output jack B) power supply: dc 9 v or external dc 9 v power consumption: less than or equal to 0.3 watts.

    Technical parameters: 
    A, Low output pulse waveform: asymmetric two-way pulse, continuous wave, discontinuous wave and the dilatational wave 
    B, Low output pulse way: output 
    C, Low output pulse frequency: 
    1. Continuous wave: 1-100 hz frequency adjustable 
    2. The discontinuous wave: 1-100 hz continuous wave frequency adjustable, breaking wave time is 5 seconds, wave time for 15 seconds 
    3. The density wave: thin wave frequency is 1/5 of the dense wave frequency, dense wave frequency is 5-100 hz is adjustable, sparse wave time is 5 seconds, dense wave time for 10 seconds, the output pulse frequency allowed error of 15% 
    Low output current limit is not more than 50 ma (500 load) 
    Low output pulse width is not more than 0.175 ms 
    Low power output is less than 3.5 W 
    Low supply voltage: DC9V 
    Low volume: 348 mm * 222 mm * 93 mm 
    Low weight: 1.5 KG 
    Low power: input, 220V-240V / 50hz 60Hz output DC9V / 150 ma
    低输出脉冲宽度不超过0.175 ms
    低功率输出小于3.5 W.
    体积小:348毫米* 222毫米* 93毫米
    重量轻:1.5 KG
    低功率:输入,220V-240V / 50hz 60Hz输出DC9V / 150 ma
    Products include: 
    The host * 1 
    Output wire * 6 
    Needle electrode metal clip * 6 pair 
    Skin electrodes * 6 pairs 
    The power adapter * 1
    Manual * 1
    主持人* 1
    输出线* 6
    针电极金属夹* 6对
    皮肤电极* 6对
    电源适配器* 1
    手册* 1

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