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HHM Machinery & Instruments Sdn Bhd
HHM Machinery & Instruments Sdn Bhd (1118704-A)
HHM Machinery & Instruments Sdn Bhd (1118704-A)
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+603-6277 4216

Region: Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia, Selangor, Kepong

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OSTLING MARKING Electrolytic Marking System EU CLASSIC 300


Weight: 13kg

in stock
  • Product Details
    Electrolytic Marking Systems

    High quality product marking serves to enhance your company’s image and ensures simple and clear identification. This is becoming increasingly important with quality management (ISA 9000) and corresponding EU regulations.

    For direct and permanent marking of products with an electrically conductive surface.

    1. Regardless of hardness of the material.
    2. Abrasion resistant and durable.
    3. Corrosion-free marking.
    4. White or black marking depending on the material.
    5. Low acquisition and operating costs.
    6. Low maintenance.

    EU CLASSICS are hand-marking devices. Products can be labeled easy and quick. The marking is effected by a current pulse which is passed through the embossing of a stencil. An exact copy on the product is the result.

    You can choose between AC and DC while marking. Products get a black or white marking according to the material by using AC. Deep markings are made by using DC.

    In the marking implements a timer is integrated, can be set with the marking times of 0.1 to 20 seconds. The marking time and other parameters are shown on a single-line, backlit display and can be changed by pressing a button.

    If you want to mark hard metals such as tools, we recommend the optional carbide output. Because of the other voltage applied to the latter, marking results best be achieved in hard metals. Further accessories such as the Handmarking Station or systems for the creation of short-term templates for frequently changing texts are also at your disposal.

    Typical application areas
    1. Cutlery
    2. Tools
    3. Medical instruments
    4. Fittings
    5. Ball bearings

    Strengths of the electrolytic OSTLING systems
    1. Economic and permanent marking.
    2. Individual graphic design of the templates, e.g. company logos, item numbers, or decorative marking.
    3. Even large areas can be marked quickly.
    4. For the most varied surface shapes, such as flat, round, concave, convex.
    5. Easy to adapt to your needs due to modular product programme.

    Ostling EU-Classic 300 Standard Accessories: 

    11.40.4020 Hand Marking Head 402/H, size:45x20mm – 1 pce.
    11.40.4320 Cassette 402 CM, size: 45x20mm – 1 pce.  
    11.50.0080 Black Felt 44/F 5mm thick, size: A5 – 1 pce.
    11.50.0110 Conductive Net Fine, size: A5 – 1 pce.
    Electrolyte – 1 liter
    Aluminum Carrying Case – 1 no. 

    Technical Data:

    Input voltage 230 V, AC
    Output voltage 0 – 24 V, AC or DC
    Power 310 VA
    Dimensions (HxBxD) 140 x 380 x 220 mm
    Marking Manual, Semi-Auto
    Weight 13 kg

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    34, Jalan KIP 1, Taman Perindustrian KIP, 52200 Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
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