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Toner Supplier Malaysia
Toner Supplier Malaysia (MA0136139-D)
Toner Supplier Malaysia (MA0136139-D)
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+6012-669 9126

Region: Melaka, Malaysia, Gajah Berang

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Product ModelSuitable Fax Machine Model


Weight: - kg

in stock
  • Product Details

    The Fax Ink Film is 100% compatible and Satisfaction guaranteed ! 

    Use for a variety of fax machine, such as for Panasonic, Brother,
    Sharp, Philips, etc.
    We're provide all kinds of specification upon requested.
    High definition and sensitivity, scratch-resistant
    Panasonic KX-FA136A 137A    (XK-100)
    KX-FMC230   KX-FM220/131/210/260/280/969

    Panasonic KX-134A
    KX- F1000/1020/1100/1200/1070/1050/1150/1006/929 

    Panasonic  KX-FA55 (53)    (XK-50)

    KX-FA93  / KX-FA57
    KX-F228/KX-FA331/47 KX-FA320/332/338 KX-FHD332/333/351/352//353        
    KX-FP341/342/343/361/362/363 KX-FB421/422/423/381/377/378/382/383/388/389  KX-376/709/706/300E     

    Panasonic KX-FA54E
    KX-FP141/143/145 /146/148/149   XK-35Panasonic 

    KX-FP208  KX-FP218/228 FC258/226/225/228/205/207/215

    Panasonic KX-200E
    KX-FC533/538CN  533CN2/  538CN2   XK-30

    Sharp FO-3CR
    UX-300 /400/410 FO-305/330/340/345/355/385/420/460/465/470/320CN 

    Sharp FO-6CR
    FO-100/300/400/420/600/620/625/470  UX-A255/200/650/800/610/615/280/521/520

    Sharp FO-15CR  
    FO-16CRUX-500/510/600/660   FO-1000/1100/1300/1400/1450/1460/1470/CN

    Philips 303
    PPF-211   PPF-241   PPF-251   PPF-271 

    Philips  321
    PPF-411   PPF-465   PPF-470   PPF-476   PPF-456 

    Philips 330(336)
    PPF-531/571/578  Philips 351   Philips 811S 

    Brother PC-104(102)
    FAX-1150  FAX-1250M FAX-1350M FAX-1450M  FAX-1550M  FFC-1650M  FFC-1750MFFC-1850MFFC-1950M 1500M/900/950/980/990/1270T/1200P/1700P1770/1970MC

    Brother PC-204(202)
    FAX-1010  FAX-1020  FAX-1030  FAX-1040  FAX-1050
    FAX-1170  FAX-1270  FAX-1970  FAX-1980  MFC-1970

    Brother PC-302
    FAX-770/775MC  FAX-780/790/870MC  FAX-1970T  FMC-1970

    Brother PC-402
    FAX-960/1280/838/828/829CN/950/827CN/858868MC FX-859  501/304/2100

    For enquiry of products details & after sales support,
    Message me on WhatsApp:
    Message me on WhatsApp:
    Message me on WhatsApp:

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    Payment Options:
    • Online E-Banking fund transfer
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    • Cash deposit terminal
    • Cheque deposit machine
    • ATM
    Please bank in the purchased amount into the bank account listed below within 3 days:


    After payment made, you MUST send us the copy of payment slip by
    1. Called to +6012-669 9126 , or
    2. Email to or
    3. Go to then click the update payment button to update your payment information to us. For guest can go to

    Please stated,
    Order No.:
    Account No.:
    Transaction Date:
    Transaction Amount:

    Please allow 2 extra working days for order processing if your payment method is Bank Cheque or Interbank Fund Transfer. The Order will be cancelled without any notice if the payment process not completed within 7 working days.
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