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Muser Apac Sdn Bhd
Muser Apac Sdn Bhd (716179-D)
Muser Apac Sdn Bhd (716179-D)
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Region: Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia, Selangor

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Testo 317-2 - Gas Leak Detector for New Users [Delivery: 3-5 days subject to availability]


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  • Product Details
    testo 317-2 - Gas Leak Detector for New Users
    • Display of gas concentration via bar display
    • Self-test of sensor after switching on
    • Pitch of alarm rises along with gas concentration
    • Battery monitoring with optical display
    Do you want to test quickly and efficiently whether there is a gas leak on gas pipe connections? Let the reliable testo 317-2 gas leak detector support you in your task. The handy gas detector for new users detects methane and propane.

    Product Description

    Leaky gas pipes not only lead to higher gas consumption, but can also trigger explosions and fires in the worst case scenario. Because leaks are often difficult to detect with the naked eye (for example with smallest hairline cracks), gas measuring technology is useful when it comes to testing gas pipes.

    Gas pipe connections can be safely and efficiently tested with the testo 317-2 gas leak detector. The handy gas detector for new users detects two types of gas: methane and propane. The gas concentration is shown via a bar display. In addition, the gas leak detector indicates increasing gas concentrations via an acoustic alarm. The measuring instrument also confirms acoustically that it is ready for measuring.


    Delivery Scope

    testo 317-2 gas leak detector, including carrying bag with belt clip, wrist strap and battery.
    Technical Data

    Methane (CH)
    Measuring range 0 to 20000 ppm
    Lower response threshold 100 ppm
    1st alarm limit 10000 ppm (20% LEL)
    Propane (CH)
    Measuring range 0 to 10000 ppm
    Lower response threshold 50 ppm
    1st alarm limit 5000 ppm (20% LEL)
    General technical data
    Reaction time t90 < 5 s 
    Operating temperature -5 to +45 °C
    Warranty 2 years
    Heat up time 60 s
    Battery type 2 batteries type micro AAA 1.5 V (LR03)
    Battery life 4 h (LR03)
    Display type 8 segment trend display
    Storage temperature -20 to +50 °C
    Weight < 300 g
    Gas leak detection in gas pipes in the heated environment
    Gas leak detection is the elementary testing of gas pipe parts for existing leaks. A gas pipe is considered leak-proof when there are no gas leaks from the exposed parts. This means that exposed gas pipes in particular are checked for external leak tightness. Leaks are detected by testing a connection point; e.g. at fittings, flanges, screw fittings and gas control valves. It is also important to check ducts entering buildings and gas pipes concealed in cavities at the air outlets. The application can be operated in different ways. A procedure that is still used despite its inherent danger is using a lighter to check the gas pipes. The definitely more usual and safer option is to use foaming media (leak detection foam) which produces bubbles as soon as there is a leak. The most up-to-date way to detect gas leaks is to use an electronic gas detector otherwise known as a “sniffer”.
    Product Brochures

    Product brochure testo 316-1/-2/-Ex / testo 317-2 / testo gas detector  (PDF, 668.6 kB)

    Instruction manual testo 317-2  (PDF, 414 KB)

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      Any inquiry please contact us +603-27427468

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