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Hi Fi Studio Sdn Bhd
Hi Fi Studio Sdn Bhd (1029711-W)

iFi Audio ZEN CAN


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  • Product Details

    iFi says the Zen Can has many features usually reserved for high-end headphone amps – it employs basically the same Class A discrete power output stage as the outfit’s flagship headphone amplifier, the Pro iCan, which is more than 11 times the price of the model on review here.

    It also promises prodigious drive capability for such a modestly priced headphone amp, delivering 1600mW (7.2V) into 32 ohms from the single-ended output. It’s an amp that iFi bills as ‘nitro for your headphones’ and you certainly do get a substantial power jolt for the money.

    Although petite, the Zen Can is a desktop headphone amp rather than a portable device since it requires mains power (a 5V charger is included). Although it offers wired listening, you could of course pair it with the Zen Blue to add Bluetooth connectivity. As well as a headphone amp, it can double as a preamp to feed a power amp or a pair of active speakers, with the use of a dedicated, balanced 4.4mm to XLR cable.

    iFi 表示,Zen Can 具有许多通常为高端耳机放大器保留的功能——它采用与该装备的旗舰耳机放大器 Pro iCan 基本相同的 A 类离散功率输出级,是该型号价格的 11 倍以上在这里审查。

    它还承诺为这种价格适中的耳机放大器提供惊人的驱动能力,从单端输出提供 1600mW (7.2V) 到 32 欧姆。这是一款被 iFi 标榜为“耳机的硝基”的放大器,而且您肯定会因为这笔钱而获得巨大的动力冲击。

    Zen Can 虽然小巧,但它是台式耳机放大器而不是便携式设备,因为它需要主电源(包括 5V 充电器)。虽然它提供有线聆听,但您当然可以将它与Zen Blue配对以添加蓝牙连接。除了耳机放大器,它还可以兼作前置放大器,为功率放大器或一对有源扬声器供电,使用专用的平衡 4.4 毫米转 XLR 电缆。

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