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Hi Fi Studio Sdn Bhd
Hi Fi Studio Sdn Bhd (1029711-W)
Hi Fi Studio Sdn Bhd (1029711-W)
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+607-352 1923

Region: Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia, Johor Jaya

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  • Product Details

    Extreme Dynamic, Low Distortion, Compact Size

    The pursuit of minimum distortion is always the primary goal of Starke Sound and our SUB36 is no exception. At the same time we want the size of our subwoofer to be as compact as possible for ease of placement. Also, we want to double the energy output while keeping the lowest distortion possible. We are able to achieve these goals through the implementation of two separate technologies: Delta Force and LMF.

    What is Delta Force?

    Starke Sound's Delta Force design places three drivers (Tri-12) in a triangular orientation that is inherently both rigid and stable. The two active drivers are positioned back to back with a recoil angle and momentum of 180 degrees. This arrangement effectively reduces distortion caused by the movement of the diaphragms. During operation, the dual active drivers are being pushed inward and outward. The air pressure around the drivers are offset by the opposing movement, meanwhile the passive unit moves vertically up and down. This action generates a dispersion angle of 30 degrees to the dual active drivers which maintains the stability of the internal pressure. This structure has excellent stability providing low frequency with a substantial increase in the amount of dive. The Tri-12 unit has proven to create much more air pressure that exceeds the performance of many 18-inch medium-stroke units.

    LMF low-distortion field technology

    To reduce field distortion LMF technology has been included in the design of the SUB36's two active drivers. Compared to active servo technology the LMF technology has much better response. Although active servo technology can minimize the distortion, this method can never solve the time domain distortion problem. LMF solves this by implementing an ideal linear magnetic field found in the driver’s coil.

    Continuous energy reserves

    A 800W RMS Class AB amplifier is the driving force for SUB36. It has a continuous supply of power for the working drivers while maintaining a minimal distortion level.






    RMS power 800W


    Three 12 inch drivers


    40Hz to 150Hz (variable in 1 Hz increments)

    Phase Control

    0 - 180 Degrees

    Voice Coil

    Double Four-layer, 51.5mm, PICCAW wire

    Auto On/Off 




    Volt Switch


    HAA Mode 


    LMF Technology



    2 Active Drivers, Back to Back
    Plus 1 Passive Driver


    Painted Steel

    Color Options

    Red Piano Lacquer, White Piano Lacquer, Black Rubber

    Dimensions: (H x W x D) 

    16.2 x 15.8 x 15.8 inches (w/o foot)
    410 x 400 x 400mm (w/o foot)
    18.1 x 15.8 x 15.8 inches (w/ foot)
    460 x 400 x 400mm (w/ foot)

    Shipping Size (H x W x D)

    22.3 x 21 x 21 inches

    565 x 532 x 532mm

    Net Weight

    81.5 lbs(37kg)

    Shipping Weight

    90 lbs(41kg)


    3 years (electronics & drivers)


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    Hi Fi Studio Sdn Bhd

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