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CSA Aircond & Electrical
CSA Aircond & Electrical (JM0662371-A)
CSA Aircond & Electrical (JM0662371-A)
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+60143160272, +60167183565

Region: Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia, Masai

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  • Product Details

    ECO+ Function

    An intelligent feature that ensures optimum energy consumption while fulfilling basic human comfort needs.Once activated, set temperature will be adjusted automatically to an eco-friendly level.

    Intelligent sense

    Intelligent Sense Function (PIR)

    The Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) intelligently adjusts temperature, fan speed and air-flow direction according to the detected level of human activity in a room, for an automatic yet customised cooling experience.

    Titanium apetite

    Titanium Apatite Deodorising Filter

    Effectively absorbs harmful airborne particles, traps dust and other irritants, and decomposes bacteria with our advanced deodorising and antibacterial technology. The filter lasts for up to three years and requires only one wash every six months.


    iPlasma Technology

    Our advanced plasma ion technology purifies and sterilizes the air by effectively removing airborne
    contaminants, as well as deactivating harmful bacteria by damaging their microbial DNA and surface structures without causing harm to human tissues.

    GO DAIKIN App-01

    Smart Control (Built-In)

    The Smart Control turns a smartphone into as remote controller which can be used inside or outside the home (GO DAIKIN App). Together it gives you full control such as start/stop, operation mode and set temperature as well as advanced features like weekly scheduling. Let’s you monitor your system to ensure it is performing as desired..

    1+1 Year Warranty

    FREE 1 Year Extended Warranty Inverter Promotion!*

    Designed for durability and component quality, the units come with 5 years warranty for compressor and 2 years warranty for general parts.

    *Click Read More to view Daikin extended warranty promotional campaign terms and conditions.

    Technical Specifications        
    FTKG-T Series
    Outdoor RKG28FV1D RKG35FV1D RKG50CV1D RKG60CV1D
    Specifications / Model name        
    Type Inverter      
    Horsepower (hp) 1 1.5 2 2.5
    Refrigerant R32      
    Rated Cooling Capacity (Btu/h) (Min-Max) 9,500 (4,400 - 10,200) 12,100 (4,400 - 13,000) 19,000 (4,700 - 21,200) 22,500 (5,800 - 23,500)
    Rated Power Consumption (W) 810 1,120 1,475 1,840
    Rated Running Current (A) 3.6 4.97 6.54 8.16
    CSPF (Wh/Wh) 4.48 4.53 5.55 5.84
    Air Flow Rate (CFM) 345 358 529 654
    Power Source (V/Ph/Hz) 220-240/1/50      
    Sound Pressure Level - Indoor (dBA) 34   38 dBA 41
    Dimension - Indoor (H x W x D) 297 x 890 x 210   320 x 1,172 x 242  
    Dimension - Outdoor (H x W x D) 550 x 658 x 273   654 x 855 x 328 756 x 855 x 328
    Unit weight - Indoor (kg) 9   14  
    Unit weight - Outdoor (kg) 24   41 44
    Copper Pipe Size - Liquid (mm) 6.35      
    Copper Pipe Size - Gas (mm) 9.52   12.7  
    Controller Wireless      

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  • Payment Methods

    Online Fund Transfer / Cash or Cheque Deposit / ATM

    Payment Options:
    • Online E-Banking fund transfer
    • Cash/Cheque deposit at bank branches
    • Cash deposit terminal
    • Cheque deposit machine
    • ATM
    Please bank in the purchased amount into the bank account listed below within 3 days:

    Csa air cond & electrical
    Public bank

    After payment made, you MUST send us the copy of payment slip by
    1. Call to: +60143160272 , or
    2. Email to or
    3. Go to then click the update payment button to update your payment information to us. For guest can go to

    Please stated,
    Order No.:
    Account No.:
    Transaction Date:
    Transaction Amount:

    Please allow 2 extra working days for order processing if your payment method is Bank Cheque or Interbank Fund Transfer. The Order will be cancelled without any notice if the payment process not completed within 7 working days.
    Shipping Option
    Shipping Charges
    • JOHOR TO KL AREA (first 34kg - RM78.00, every next 1kg - RM2.00)
      Shipping Fee:

      First 34KG charges RM78.00, next 1KG add on RM2.00


      Johor, Melacca, Negeri Sembilan, Selangor, Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur.

    • AREA BESIDE THAN JOHOR-KL (first 34kg - RM78.00, every next 0.001kg - RM2.00)
      Shipping Fee:
      First 34KG charges RM78.00, next 1KG add on RM2.00


      Kedah, Kelantan, Pahang, Perak, Perlis, Pulau Pinang, Terengganu

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