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Cars Autoland (M) Sdn Bhd
Cars Autoland (M) Sdn Bhd (932170-T)
Cars Autoland (M) Sdn Bhd (932170-T)
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Region: JB Johor Bahru Malaysia

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Shop Information

Cars Autoland (M) Sdn Bhd
(SUPWAVE) is Owned By ''CARS AUTOLAND (M) SDN BHD'' - SUPWAVE CAR WASH FRANCHISE BUSINESS (MALAYSIA). We are the most reliable car beauty centre in Malaysia. Our main office is located in Johor Bahru (JB). We own the latest car beauty technology from America, England and Germany that will effectively & fully protect your car. Supwave Automobile Car Care Centre provides a wide variety of car grooming/detailing service with full range of quality detailing products from Chemical Guys, Menzerna and Lake Country.

We also specialize in Rapid Repair (Quick Paint Recovery) which able to touch up small portion area of your love car. We also have newly design service as “Vehicle Fumigation” which will disinfect of your interior of your loved car.

First of its king at JB, we are giving our customers various types of car grooming concepts in one stop with comfortable air-con waiting room with massage chair, internet, TV services.

To let everyone of our valued customer & member satisfy with our services and enjoy a clean wash of their loved car anytime they visit SUPWAVE at anywhere in our branches!

To be Malaysia’s Leading Car Grooming Centre providing quality services to customers through continuous improvement and innovation that exceeds customer expectations.As a Market Leader, we take pride in distinguishing ourselves to be ahead of the pack. By setting precedence, we have made a standard that equals excellence, pushing other brands to do the same.In this vein, we embrace diversity, accept challenges, adopt international standards and good business practices and at the same time, hope to inspire the rest to follow suit.We strive for continuous improvement, incorporate innovations and technology in our commitment to create customer value in our services.Aligned with transparent policies and achievable targets, together with our core values, we are able to move forward as one responsive team and deliver our best.These continuing efforts maintain and reinforce our market leader status and move us forward to become a Leading Car Grooming Services in the market.

  1. Fast and Clean – We provide fast and clean service to our customer with their satisfaction.
  2. Quality Service – To provide excellent quality service to our customers.
  3. Consistency, Continuity & Growth - To uphold the SUPWAVE Brand Reputation as “ the earliest …and yet the best” by delivering our service consistent in their performance and trusted for their quality so as to ensure continuity and growth
  4. Innovative - To spearhead breakthroughs and set the precedence in the market by developing line extensions and create new products & services to cater to customers’ changing needs.
  5. Ethics & Integrity  - We take pride in our work, and conduct our business with integrity. We embrace good business practices, adopt international standards and demonstrate professionalism so as to earn respect and trust.

Why choose SUPWAVE?
  1. Attitude: We have a team of efficient members who are able to finish the task in the shortest possible time. Friendly and good attitude salesperson and crew will always double check after finishing to ensure that it attains customers standard and requirements.
  2. Specialized cleaning products: Wool gloves, microfiber towel, towel color separation recycling bins, four layers towels cart

    A)    Wool gloves (made from goat) : Supwave uses Australian wool gloves, which is characterized by large surface area, enabling faster wiping of the surface paintwork. In addition, the fur unique silk structure enable fast absorption of  water and can be easily cleaned.

    B)     Microfiber towel: exceptionally strong towel absorption capacity can quickly wipe away water. In order to avoid cross-contamination in a clean work, Supwave separate the towels into four colors, in order to clean different areas. For example: red towel - the body surface, yellow towel: car mirror, blue towel: some of the door edge gap of several areas, white towel: the instrument panel.

    C)    Separation towel recycling bins: used four-color towels will not be reused. The colored towel will also be returned to the different coloured coded recycling bins after use.

    D)    Four layer towel carts: carts are divided into four layers, with coloured coded for the respective colour to be placed in after cleaning.

Cars Autoland (M) Sdn Bhd

219 Jalan Dato Sulaiman, Century Garden, 80250 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.

Tel: +607-3325996
H/P: +6016-707 7700
Fax: +607-3316022


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